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Data Reporting & Analysis with interactive dashboards

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Access Insight Benefits

Access Insight allows companies to view their data in a clear and concise manner to truly understand your business. Thanks to this user-friendly software, no training is required which saves companies both time and money.

Flexible, cutting-edge technology

Our software is flexible, scalable and built on the latest proven technologies.

Everything we design is simple to implement regardless of whether you choose a cloud-based or on premise solution. With over 20 years experience in the design and development of leading edge software we pride ourselves on continuous improvement, ensuring you always get best-in-class solutions. 

Eliminate guesswork

Running a business shouldn't be like gambling; and to get a credible overview of your organisation should be a straightforward task.

Access Insight provides accurate historical data, real-time updates at any time from any device, forecasting and trending and even predictive 'what if?' analysis," eliminating the need for guesswork. 

Improve efficiency

It is easy to waste significant time hunting for data across various data sources.

Thanks to our Business Intelligence solution, all information is centralised and can be viewed in a dashboard or turned into a report, saving enormous amounts of time and eliminating inefficiencies.

Learn how to streamline operations

With detailed insights into business performance, organisations can easily identify changes to streamline operations and run more efficiently.

The software also provides visibility across the business through dashboards, allowing you to view operational performance across departments. 

Plan for your organisation’s future

Having access to past and present information through your organisation’s business intelligence software means the ability to properly plan for the future, recognise potential business opportunities and get ahead of the curve – which is what business intelligence is all about.

Avoid risks for deployment and implementation

Access Insight is exactly the same solution whether you choose to implement it Cloud-based or on premise. 

This enables you to make the most appropriate choice for your company. The web-based interface will allow for fast and easy deployment that will reduce IT burden.

Improve the visibility of your organisation’s health

Access Insight is a cross-functional solution that enables you to connect and compile data from multiple sources.

Our software provides visibility across the business through dashboards, for example allowing you to compare information between CRM and sales data - providing you with the metrics you need to drive, improve and enhance performance. 

Focus on what is important and improve performance

Access Insight allows you to track KPIs over time using an in-built schedulers and threshold alerts. 

Simply specify when and how you want to track your metrics. You can also choose comparisons that are relevant for you, such as individual team performance or benchmarks against the market. 

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