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The Complete Business Intelligence Solution

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Access Insight Features

Easy report generation

aCloud Insight's user-friendly interface permits any business user to easily create reports with no technical skills. Just select the fields of your choice, drag them to the editor screen and Insight will choose the best visualisation to represent the information


Access Insight assembles and merges data of all kinds so that you can easily create interactive dashboards in no time. The ability to merge hundreds of data sources including Oracle, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, SAP Hana, Excel files, among others, puts Access Insight at the forefront of Business Intelligence solution providers. Furthermore, it easily integrates with any existing IT systems.

  • Connection to more than 200 data sources
  • Easy integration with existing IT systems and infrastructure
  • Integration with Access product portfolio including SelectHR, Focal point and Dimensions

Data discovery

Access Insight interactive dashboards deliver relevant, easy to understand real-time data, enabling faster and better decision-making whilst lowering response times. Personalised data delivery means you are able to make decisions quickly, without any guesswork, and without having to wade through irrelevant information.

  • Go further in your analysis by selecting filters
  • Compare the evolution of the trends in just one click
  • Click on the area you wish to explore to drill down and get detailed information


Thanks to the Access Insight web-based interface, you can access your dashboards anytime, anywhere. Keep an eye on your KPIs, easily show trends and results anytime you need to.

  • Availability on any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Compatibility with any operating system
  • Access from the navigator of your choice

Data restriction and security

Our ability to easily screen data by group/type together with a robust user authentication process ensures the highest security of your data assets. Moreover, the automatic back-up feature will protect you against any data loss and secure access with single user-login.

  • ISO 27001, certified UKAS standard
  • Secure login
  • User specific access control through IP
  • VPN enabled
  • Automatic back-up



Even if you want to have access to your KPIs in real-time, you can’t stay glued to your screen to watch the trends develop. Set up alerts and Access Insight will send you an email or an SMS when critical thresholds are reached.

  • Email or SMS alerts
  • Automatic reports delivery by email

Collaborative dashboards

Having a common vision of KPIs is often hard to achieve within an organisation or even within a team. Access Insight offers you advanced collaboration features to make sure all the members of your team are on the same page. 

  • Access restricted by role or group of users
  • User dashboard personalization capability
  • Conversation threads


Agile Business Intelligence

Access Insight is an agile Business Intelligence solution that works the way you do. The deployment is made easy thanks to a web-based interface that allows you to have the same solution in the Cloud or on premise. The choice is yours. Access Insight evolves with your business and can support any number of users or increases in the number of data sources.

  • Easy deployment thanks to a web-based interface
  • Availability in the Cloud or on premise with exactly the same features
  • Options to switch from the Cloud to your servers and vice versa
  • Easily increase the number of reports, users or data sources to meet your business needs


Additional Modules

In addition to our comprehensive Business Intelligence solution we constantly improve our platform and expand functionality to meet our users’ needs and requests. Recent additions include modules allowing you to easily process and analyse big amounts of data at an unmatched speed and module to support simultaneous use of Access Insight and Excel. 

  • Speed data option to process huge amount of data very quickly
  • Excel plugin to retrieve, manipulate and reinstate data in Excel 

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