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Real Time Finance Dashboard Tool

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Visualise your business financial performance in real time dashboards

From budget control to asset management and forecasts, the finance department is responsible for the short, medium and long term financial health of the organisation.

Finance professionals need to have a complete overview of the business at all times and it is often difficult for Finance to be able to gather the data they require.

Business Intelligence will allow the finance department to create a custom dashboard environment to view company data, as well as visualise trends and patterns to improve the financial decision making process.

Typical Finance data challenges:

  • Basing decisions on hard data, rather than rough predictions
  • Getting instant access to key financial indicators
  • Collaboration and communication when planning finances
  • Relating business financial performance to the overall strategy
  • Obtaining detailed spend vs return data
  • Making accurate, data driven forecasts
  • Avoiding differences in financial data between departments

Introducing Access Insight

Financial Management systems have long been able to capture a wealth of information about a company’s financial performance, but finance professionals have often struggled to pull useable reporting information from such systems. Access Insight delivers a visual platform containing your key financial metrics, presented as actionable dashboards and scorecards to help you implement your financial plan.

What can Access Insight bring to your finance department?

1) By integrating with your other financial systems, Insight can provide you with real time information such as a ‘Live Debtor Analysis’ to show you which customers are stretching the limitations of their credit agreement.

2) Access Insight can give you a clear understanding of how well your strategy is working. It allows you to check that budgets are aligned with performance to ensure you deliver your key strategic objectives.

3) By providing company-wide analysis, Access Insight can help you identify the top and bottom performing functions in terms of ROI. You can use these insights to identify where improvements need to be made to ensure the spend remains justified.

4) Quickly spot trends to understand where you can make cost savings and get more from your budgets. Uncover patterns that indicate where, when and why aspects of your financial plan are not working and make data driven decisions to improve these aspects.

5) Your custom financial dashboard within Access Insight can be used to measure any financial performance metric. Understand what you need to do to achieve your financial year growth targets and track progress towards them in real time.

6) Your financial dashboard can offer vital clues about the future – particularly how to deal with an expanding workforce. Access Insight allows non-technical users to carry out sophisticated analysis, and model the financial resource needed to deliver on future growth plans

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